Web design packages

Our customized web design packages offer a perfect blend of functionality and affordability. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, we have a package that fits your needs. Our web design solutions combine attractive visuals and user-friendly navigation to engage visitors and drive conversions.

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All offerings come with services provided by our in-house designers:


For simple websites and landing pages
  • Home page design
  • Blog collection and post pages design
  • Contact us page design
  • 1 custom infographics
  • 1 custom illustration


For ecommerce websites
  • Home page design
  • Blog collection and post pages design
  • Contact us page design
  • 3 custom infographics
  • 3 custom illustration
  • Porducts collection and product pages design
  • Chopping cart desing
  • Checkout page design
  • Custom from design


For complex design projects
  • Dedicated designer
  • Up to 80 desing hrs
  • Real time collaboration
  • Any design task from our list of services

Additional web design services

Graphic design services

Web pages design

Digital marketing assets design

Design audits

Crafting your brand’s look

From logos to brochures, we create visuals that make your brand stand out. Let us help you leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Graphic design services

  • Custom header banners
  • Blog/info graphics
  • Presentation, logo, business cards design
  • Brand guide
  • Website icons
  • Flyers, booklets & posters
  • Print/digital brochures

Creating user-friendly websites

Designing your page layout is about creating a smooth user experience throughout your website. We prioritize your unique needs and design standards to maintain brand consistency.

Pages design

  • Specifying main templates and design patterns
  • Home, collection, product, blog post, blog collection, contact us, FAQ page
  • Simple page – shipping policies, accessibility, terms and conditions, terms of access
  • Simple form
  • Specific complex form
  • Login, landing page, checkout page design
  • Shopping cart
  • Mobile and tablet design

Enhancing your online presence

Our team produces custom design that effectively communicates your message and engages your audience. We ensure your visuals are polished and professional.

Digital marketing assets design

  • Banner ads
  • Social media covers
  • Custom illustrations
  • Custom infographics
  • Basic photo editing

Enhancing aesthetics and functionality

Our design audits provide a critical analysis of your current design elements to identify areas of improvement, ensure inclusivity, and enhance user interaction.

Design audits

  • Simple design audit
  • WCAG accessibility audit
  • UX/UI audit

Fixing the design after the audit

  • Simple design fixing
  • WCAG accessibility fixing
  • UX/UI fixing

Added value: extra capabilities included

One-month tryout period

You can evaluate our services for a month. If you’re not satisfied, feel free to decline without any obligations. We understand your doubts and want to ensure you feel confident in your decision.

Management system access

Keep track of time and budget allocations, monitor task progress, and maintain smooth communication with our team. Stay informed and in control every step of the way throughout the project.

Homepage design & UX audit

Benefit from up to 4 hours of homepage design and UX audit by our team. Gain valuable insights into your site’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you prioritize improvements for better user engagement and conversion rates.

Design tools access

Work with our team using our online design tools. Collaborate in real-time, share feedback, and make revisions easily. Enjoy a smooth design process from start to finish.

Responsive support

Don’t wait for days to get a response. Our team will assist you promptly, within 24 hours of your request. We’re here to address your needs quickly and efficiently.

Client-centered approach

We listen closely to your needs and requirements, ensuring our solutions are tailored to all your requirements. Focusing ona long-term collaboration, we work consistently to support their growth.