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Elevate your sales growth with Deveit


Verified and high quality contacts

We meticulously verify each contact to minimize the bounce rate and keep your domain reputation high.


Skilled lead researchers in a team

At Deveit, we pride ourselves on having a dynamic and skilled team that excels in lead research.


Hours spent on lead research

Benefit from our deep expertise gained through the work in various industries across the US and Europe.

What companies get most from lead research

Lead research is important for any company that wants to find and speak to ideal customers about their services or products with personalized messages. It helps generate more sales opportunities, increase conversion rates, and grow revenue. However, for some types of business, lead research is essential.

Lead research for startups

Startups and small businesses

These companies often struggle with building databases from scratch. Lead research services can help identify potential clients who align with their products or services. By leveraging accurate contact information, companies can benefit from marketing efforts targeted to the relevant audience, boosting growth and revenue.

Lead research for b2b and b2c companies

B2B and B2C companies

B2B and B2C companies heavily rely on lead generation to expand their client base. Lead research services help to discover decision-makers interested in company offerings within other organizations. Whether it’s software development, consulting or industrial, B2B and B2C companies benefit from qualified leads and increase their outcomes.

Lead research for sales and marketing agencies

Sales and marketing agencies

Lead generation is an integral part of any agency’s operations, for the agency itself and for their clients. The solution can be outsourcing outreach strategies and campaigns to engage with potential customers. Whether it’s lead research, email outreach, or cold calling, we can help you streamline your efforts and maximize results.

Why choose Deveit?

Verified contacts

Wrong data disrupts every aspect of sales. We thoroughly verify each contact we provide to ensure the campaign’s success and your domain’s health.

Customized databases

We understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we create customized databases aligned with your Ideal Customer Profile.

CRM integration

We integrate verified contacts into your CRM. You can focus on building relationships while we handle the technical details.

Your potential for growth

Reach more people and get the word out about your services

Efficient lead research will help you to grow your customer base with high-quality leads interested in your services, schedule more meetings to showcase your offerings, close deals, and run more effective outbound marketing campaigns.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Curious about lead research services? We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you insights into our company and cooperation details. If you haven’t found the information you need, feel free to contact us for assistance.

What’s your industry experience?

We’ve worked in over 10 industries, including healthcare, technology, marketing, and more, gaining the knowledge and expertise to provide effective lead research for your specific industry.

How many ICPs do you work on in one project?

We work on a project basis and can accommodate any number of ICPs that you require. We focus on your needs and develop a customized lead research plan.

How do you source and verify leads?

We use various channels to source and verify leads, including web scraping and manual research. Our team has rigorous data validation in place to ensure lead accuracy.

How fast can you provide leads?

We offer flexible terms to meet your specific needs. The team will work to understand your goals and develop a customized plan that aligns with your budget and timeline.

What is your pricing policy?

Our pricing is competitive and transparent. We offer rates up to four times more affordable than similar services in the US and Europe.

I’m interested. How do I get started?

Fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you shortly. Also, feel free to reach out to us by email at sales@deveit.com or by phone at +48 725 814 408.
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