Enhancing website with business directories

About the client

Todos Tambien is a leading online platform dedicated to empowering the Latino community and entrepreneurs in Canada. The platform provides essential resources and growth opportunities, helping immigrants thrive in their new environment. Offering a comprehensive array of resources, from entrepreneurial support to settlement guides, Todos Tambien assists immigrants at every step of their journey.


Project overview

As Todos Tambien is committed to being more than just an information portal and to bringing even more value to the local Latino community. They sought to enhance the website with a business directory feature, aiming to make the platform more engaging and useful for their audience.

DURATION: 7 months
TECH STACK: WordPress, ACF, Gravity Forms, Gravity WIZ add-ons, Custom Plugin Development, Google Maps API, JavaScript, PHP, SCSS, HTML, WebPack (*add them as tags/labels – later, we will sort case studies by them
TEAM: 1 Designer, 2 Developers, Project Manager, QA Specialist


Todos Tambien needed a solution that would let businesses on their platform stand out, manage their profiles easily, present companies in a competitive way and connect with customers smoothly. The main challenges were:

✓ Making it simple for businesses to sign up
✓ Creating a good-looking directory where users could find businesses easily
✓ Providing businesses with the opportunity to easily create their own promotional landing pages in seconds
✓ Adjust payment platforms integrations for easy and secure payments
✓ Making sure the website worked well in both languages – English and Spanish


To enhance Todos Tambien’s website, Deveit team implemented several key solutions:

Functional directory: By creating a functional business directory with map integration, we made it simple for users to find businesses quickly and efficiently. The directory was designed with a user-centric approach, prioritizing ease of navigation and search functionality
User-friendly business registration: We created a simple sign-up process so businesses can easily join the platform, even with limited technical skills
Custom landing pages feature: Businesses can quickly create their own landing pages to showcase their offerings and promotions
Integrated payment platforms: We added secure and easy-to-use payment options for both free and paid profiles
Multilingual support for diverse communities

Project stages

1. First communication

Initial contact and discussion of project requirements and scope.

2. Assessment & editions

✓  Detailed assessment of the project needs

✓  Discussing the additional features as per client requests

3. Web design phase

✓  Development of a user-friendly design aligned with the client’s brand and target audience

✓  Design based on client’s feedback

4. Development phase

✓  Core development

✓  Integration with Google Maps API for business location mapping

✓  Ongoing quality assurance through user acceptance testing

5. Adding new features

✓  Added account pages for user profile management

✓  Implemented a multilingual feature to cater to a diverse user base – Spanish and English

6. Post project support

Provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure smooth functionality.


The collaboration between Todos Tambien and Deveit resulted in a significant upgrade to the platform. By leveraging professional design and custom development, Deveit has helped Todos Tambien enhance its role as a leading resource for Latino community and entrepreneurs in Canada.

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